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Avectra's Moves Management based on Cygnus Applied Research's Donor Centered Philosophy* is designed to simplify and bring proven intelligence to the process of moving prospects to donors and life-time patrons. Avectra's robust Moves Management has built-in analytics that are based on documented research on "when," "where," and "how" to intervene in a prospective donor's cycle to create the most productive relationship. This is combined with User Workflow Processes driven by business intelligence and dynamic reporting. Staff can easily automate any work process, such as Grants Management and tracking of Major Gifts, Prospects, and Sponsorships, to minimize administrative time and maximize time for fundraising strategy and donor engagement.

What is the Moves Management Model?

David Dunlop, the Cornell University senior development officer who developed the concept of moves management, has described the idea as "changing people's attitudes so they want to give." Moves, he explained, help "develop each prospect's awareness of, knowledge of, interest in, involvement with and commitment to the institution and its mission."

A successful moves management model, at its core, takes specific, targeted, quantifiable efforts and actions to shift influential donors or members from a passive or one-time contribution to an active, ongoing relationship with the organization that takes place through multiple channels and feedback opportunities. As Dunlap's comments make clear, the goal is to encourage moves that increase engagement and involvement, long-term loyalty and, ultimately, giving.

The challenge for today's member-based organizations and nonprofits, however, is to determine how to best develop and nurture a deep, long-term relationship with key "influencer" prospects in ways that go beyond traditional transactional interactions - yet are also measurable, trackable and easily automated to "set and forget." Transactional interactions - such as soliciting annual dues, sending holiday party invitations or coordinating volunteer committees - are essential, of course, and through them your organization becomes an integral part of a donor's life. But to grow and maintain a healthy, vibrant donor community that fuels your mission and reaches for future goals, how can you nurture key relationships in ways that are truly donor-centric, multi-dimensional and mutually beneficial?

How can you engage with your best constituents year-round, without necessarily asking for money or time, in ways that still help you stay on the right moves management track toward effective fundraising?
The answer: Incorporating social data, through the use of social CRM tools, into your moves management efforts.
CRM, or constituent relationship management, is the technology tool that can help you manage your moves management strategy in an effective, trackable, integrated way. Want to add increased engagement, ongoing relationship building and human, natural interaction? That's where the magic of social data, which is tracked, analyzed and managed by CRM technology, comes into dynamic play. That is the power of social CRM.

Moves Management System Benefits

With Moves Management, you can:

  • Track, analyze and predict the movement of donors and prospects. Capture and analyze constituent information to build personal, lifelong relationship with your donors.
  • Manipulate Moves Series and work flow processes based on organization's standards and business practices.
  • Allow system to assign tasks to staff and key volunteers based on donor behavior.
  • Create drill down reports to evaluate programs and objectives in relation to specific goals. Easily prepare reports in presentation style.

There is no shortage of donor management solutions claiming to help achieve your moves goals. But regardless of if your organization defines success by the total dollars raised or the number of moves made per prospect in a given time period, executing a successful moves management program requires a robust, all-in-one CRM. And with the following functionality already built-in to our solution, Avectra Social CRM separates itself from the others:

  • Relationship tracking
  • Social Media and social networking
  • Dashboard, custom reports and queries
  • eMarketing
  • Mobile Access
  • Automated workflow and alerts
  • Custom fields
  • Automated donor engagement scoring
  • eCommerce

Executing your moves management initiative with Avectra Social CRM will drive the success of each solicitation, appeal and communication.

*Founded by Penelope Burk, Cygnus Applied Research, Inc. provides research and donor analytics services to help organizations identify trends and donor behavior patterns. This analysis helps organizations understand supporters' behaviors, identify major gift opportunities, project fundraising revenue, and determine expenditures in light of fundraising return. This proprietary, proven methodology is integrated into Avectra's predictive Moves Management Workflow and A-Score™.

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